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Adverts and Articles

Printed materials such as event programmes offers a great insight into social history.  As well as detailing the activities of the event, these advertisements also provide us with a great insight into village life. 

The oldest of all of these events was the Lymm Rushbearing poster of 1858, of which we have a facsimile copy.  It looks like quite a celebration spread over four days - and this in a time before August Bank Holiday even existed.

The Bands of Hope event was the precursor of Lymm May Queen.  There are other events of which the only surviving record now is in newspaper reports of their time.   The Mersey & Irwell Regatta 1873-1878 attracted crews from all over the country including Cambridge and Eton.  There was even a short-lived annual "Athletic Sports" day at one time.  

Your Festival, May Queen, Transport Day or Dickensian programme is tomorrow's "collectable" and your memories to this collection, invaluable

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