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Lymm for Sale

'Lymm For Sale has been an ambitious Heritage Centre project that recreates a historic auction catalogue from 1911 when Sir William Lever (later Lord Leverhulme) sold a large part of the Oughtrington & Beechwood Estates that he had only purchased five months earlier.
The book starts with an explanation of the fascinating story behind the sale. The catalogue itself is a real moment frozen in time with descriptions of hundreds of Lymm properties, some still standing, other long gone and over two dozen illustrations, all from the original catalogue. The book is almost 200 pages in total. And as a bonus, it comes complete with a slip-in 16 page colour map booklet based on the large fold-out maps from the original catalogue. Are you on the map? Was your home in the auction?
We have worked really hard to keep the price down so as many people as possible can enjoy this unique record of Lymm over 100 years ago. We are very pleased to be able to offer the book at just £15 available from the Centre or why not support your Heritage Centre at
Thank you!

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