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Ice House at Lymm Hall

Heritage Category: Scheduled Monument

The monument is the medieval moated site of Lymm Hall and the ice house. See also, image LL 1265849 (01).

The ice house is located on a mound on the moat's western outer bank It is over 2m deep and at the bottom it has a sump with a lead pipe for drainage into the moat. The photo looks down into the chamber where the ice was stored. It would have been used to store ice throughout the year, before the invention of the refrigerator. Many consisted of underground chambers, usually man-made and close to natural sources of water.


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Image Details

Location Lymm Hall, Rectory Lane, Lymm
Photographer Carol Sparkes
Donor Carol Sparkes
Era 17th - 18th Century
Medium Photograph
Image Reference LL 1265849 (02 )
Copyright Owner Carol Sparkes