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Mort's Scrapbook

The Mort Family Scrapbooks  

On Loan from  Jamie MacDonald & Margaret Taylor 

​What did we do before we had the Internet? 

Before TV, before most people even had radios, we "surfed" the newspapers and cut out what caught our eye and made scrapbooks. Maybe local news, travel, sport. The vast majority of these books were consigned to the bin many years ago but we are very fortunate that the Mort family held on to theirs ... with clippings from as early as 1907 right up to the 1940s. There is lots of general material giving a flavour of the times but every now and then a little gem that tells of local life in Lymm at the time. 

Thank you to Jamie McDonald, formerly of the Lymm Hotel and to Margaret Taylor for sharing these with us. 

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