Ordering images

Digital Downloads

All of the photographs on The Lymm Archive are available to view online for personal use or private research. 

Many images are subject to copyright and cannot be copied, shared, reproduced online or in any other format without advance permission from Lymm Heritage Centre and/or the relevant participating donors.

(Some images have been supplied by participating donors for sole use on The Lymm Archive. We cannot provide copies of these materials without permission from these contributors).  Please email thelymmarchive@gmail.com  to request more information /permission for image use.

However, some images are available as digital downloads at £3 per image.

Please quote the image reference number found on the image page and click  HERE to order


Use of images for publication, display or commercial purposes:

Anyone wishing to use the Archive’s images for publication (books, magazines, articles, online), displays (internal/external) or commercial purposes (advertising, promotion, souvenirs, etc.), must seek advance permission from Lymm Heritage Centre and may be asked to credit / mention the Lymm Heritage Centre.


Community Groups:

If you are a member of a community group looking to display images of your local area for a display, please contact us on thelymmarchive@gmail.com to discuss your project and we will be happy to help.