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This collection shows images of schools, class photos and particular buildings such as Pepper Street School, Lymm Grammar School and Statham School.

Also, a delightful collection of school magazines donated to the Heritage Centre by Michael Green, a bookdealer in Carlisle.  He had recently purchased a collection of books and amongst them were three issues of 'The Lymm Grey', the magazine of Lymm Elementary School and what appears to be a magazine by Form II, from The Lymm Grammar School, dated July 1929.

There is one page missing (page 11) from the Grammar School magazine, but nevertheless, may be of interest to someone,  perhaps even a relative?  What a generous gesture donating these to Archive and recognising that this ephemera deserves to be saved.

The original copies may be viewed at the Centre and all make interesting reads from these young children.

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