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*** Please  CLICK HERE  to see this beautiful Crown in FULL 3D ***

(Select the diagonal arrows at the bottom right hand of the model if viewing from a computer, to enter full screen for optimum effect)

The Lymm Heritage Centre has never been shy in embracing the latest technology in helping bring about the riches of Lymm’s unique past to life!  One example from our recent upgrade to The Lymm Archive is  the remarkable option to employ the latest in photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry is the cutting-edge technique involving the creation of 3D models from a series of high-resolution images taken from different angles. This process then allows for the accurate and detailed reconstruction of physical objects, structures and landscapes in virtual space.

Carol Sparkes, the Centre’s IT Lead and Archive team member, led this exciting new initiative and through her expert skills and guidance, this now lets the Archive present images that the viewer can spin round from left to right, or view from any angle

Harnessing the power of photogrammetry, we are now creatively presenting ways objects can be documented and preserved,  with the main focus being its contribution to ‘Lymm’s heritage cycle’.

Utilising this technology has also enabled the team to capture a precise digital replica of the 1926 May Queen Crown featured on page 95 in the Centre’s latest book ‘When May was in June’.   This also ensures the crown’s preservation for many years to come, alongside its fascinating history.

Moreover, and even as a voluntary organisation, with careful planning and improvisation, this enthusiastic team, has been able to adapt its environment to make photogrammetry happen!

Significantly, heritage preservation is a critical task too as it serves to safeguard our collective memory and cultural identity. Yet notably, the Lymm Heritage Centre is not a museum and nor does it have the storage or presentation capacity to display many objects. Physical restoration and conservation is also time consuming and costly.

Photogrammetry subsequently presents a non-invasive alternative that facilitates capturing the essence of Lymm’s heritage without altering or damaging the original artefact.

Through the use of advanced software and hardware, the meticulous process now employed serves to capture every intricate detail of the object being documented, providing an immersive experience to explore and interact with artefacts not previously possible.

We are also in the process of showcasing ‘left, right’ spinning modes available directly from our Lymm Archive platform (PastView) and our full 3D models hosted via Sketchfab, with accessed links via The Lymm Archive.

Overtime, it is envisaged to create a virtual exhibition of many of Lymm objects and artefacts, to make Lymm’s vast history and cultural heritage globally accessible employing this innovative approach.

The Lymm Heritage Centre is proud to be at the forefront of this technical revolution, preserving and promoting Lymm’s cultural heritage within the digital realm.

By harnessing the power of photogrammetry, The Lymm Heritage Centre is playing a crucial role in safeguarding the past for many future generations to come, connecting artefacts to stories that can now be so easily revealed and retold!

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