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May Queen onlookers, 1975

These photographs were kindly donated to the Lymm Archive by Kirstina (Tina) Loftus, from her Mum. Kirsten Smith. Kirsten is Danish and Tina grew up in Lymm with her Mormor & Morfar (Grandmother and Grandfather visiting  them often). Her grandfather, from Lyngby near Copenhagen, was a keen amateur photographer who developed all his own pictures. Whilst Kirstina was over from Australia where she has lived for 38 years, she kindly donated these images to add to Lymm's story. 

Image showing K J Holmes, groceries and provisions and Booths Hill Post Office.

Image details

Location Church Road, Lymm
Photographer Paul Schou
Donor Kirstina Loftus
Era May. 1975
Medium Photograph
Image Reference LH05397
Copyright Owner Kirstina Loftus