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Lancashire Tool Company


Think of Lymm trades and we think of fustian cutting, gold beating and the salt works. But a hundred years almost every small town would have had a variety of small factories manufacturing all manner of goods. 

This photograph is thought to be staff from The Lancashire Tool Company which originally started in an old fustian workshop behind The Star Inn in Statham. Then during the First World War, this moved to Booths Hill Rd. The business produced pliers and other small tools which were used mainly for telegraph maintenance work.

Many of the women workers were poached from the gold beating works as the wages were better. The Company always had a good football team, winning many trophies.

Many of the "staff" we would think of as children, maybe year 9, just look at some of those faces on the front two rows and think of your own children.  Life has changed so much in just three generations.

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